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Selected Essays

Ochs, Robyn, “Without Wincing of Clenching: Bisexual People’s Experiences with Health Care Professionals,” in Bodies and Barriers: Queer Activists on Healthed. Adrian Shanker, Kate Kendell, Rachel L. Levine, PM Press, 2020.

“LGBTQ politics after marriage: a panel discussion with Gabriel Foster, Paulina Hehn-Hernandez, Robyn Ochs, Steven William Thrasher, Urvashi Vaid, and Hari Ziyad,” edited by Joseph Nicholas DeFilippis, Queer Activism After Marriage Equalityed. Joseph Nicholas DeFilippis, Michael W. Yarbrough, & Angela Jones. Routledge 2018, pp. 17-35.

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Ochs, Robyn, “Understanding Biphobia.” RECOGNIZE: The Voices of Bisexual Men. Bisexual Resource Center, 2014, pp. 294-298.

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Ochs, Robyn, “From the Closet to the Stage.” Bi Any Other Name, Hutchins, Loraine. Ka’ahumanu, Lani. (eds.), Alyson Publications, 1990. 2nd edition 2015. Read this article.

Short Essays

Ochs, Robyn, “What’s in a Name?,” Bi Women Quarterly, Spring, 2020.

Ochs, Robyn, “Natalie Morales Represents,” Bi Women Quarterly, Summer 2019.

Ochs, Robyn, “Bisexuality & Disability: Some Connections,” Bi Women Quarterly, Winter 2019.

Ochs, Robyn, “Blazing Trails: What Sara Wants,” Bi Women Quarterly, Winter 2018.

Ochs, Robyn, “You Never Know,” Bi Women Quarterly, Fall 2017.

Ochs, Robyn, White House Blog, June 2016: Robyn Ochs

Ochs, Robyn, Oh, That Scary Anne Heche, Gay People’s Chronicle, May 16, 1997.

Ochs, Robyn. My Body, Myself, Bi Women, Fall 2006.

Ochs, Robyn. Married in Massachusetts: Two Years, “Celebrating Equal Marriage,” Jamaica Plain Gazette, April-July 2006.

Ochs, Robyn. Family Ties: What I Want, Bi Women, Fall 2005.


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