Biphobia. For Real.

Letter sent to Bay Windows, a weekly GLBT paper serving New England. This week (7/20/05) they had a good article covering the NY Times article with the awful title “Gay, Straight or Lying: Bisexuality Revisited,” but on their website, their weekly poll asked the question “Is bisexuality for real? __Yes. __No. __Unsure.” The letter below is in response to this poll:

Biphobia. For Real

Hey, y’all,

I’m a big fan of Bay Windows, and I really liked Ethan Jacob’s front page article “Times article on bisexuality sets off a storm; activists and researchers dispute findings.” BUT… your readers’ poll asking “Is bisexuality for real?” Very offensive. Unless you’re planning to ask next week “Are gay men for real?” and the week after “Are lesbians for real?” One thing about which there’s no doubt at all: biphobia exists. For real.

Robyn Ochs
Jamaica Plain

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