I posted this comment in support of a series of excellent responses to a disturbing editorial on the subject of gender-neutral bathrooms that appeared in the Harvard Crimson on February 11, 2011


The Crimson editorial of February 11th, “Rethinking Privacy” saddened and concerned me with its surprising level of ignorance and misinformation.

I was especially disturbed to see talking points of the Massachusetts Family Alliance parroted by the writers of the editorial. The MFA is a small bunch of anti-LGBT zealots, certainly not a data-driven organization!

For this reason, I found today’s series of letters especially affirming. I am one gender-conforming woman who believes strongly that everyone deserves the right to pee. And I am a strong supporter of single-stall gender neutral bathrooms, and not just for transgender or gender-nonconforming people either. Sometimes people just want a little bit of privacy!

I’m hoping that the Crimson’s editorial staff will issue a a new editorial on this issue that shows that it has listened carefully, researched this issue thoroughly, and learned.

Robyn Ochs, EdM ’89 and Harvard retiree, among other things

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