Letter writing is, for me, a therapeutic art. There is so much dysfunction out there, and so many reasons to be enraged! Rather than bottling it up inside, I have taken to writing letters. I send them to my elected representatives, to local and national newspapers, and sometimes directly to the person(s) who are the subject(s) of my anger. Not all of my letters are angry. Sometimes I write letters expressing my joy and appreciation. Following are a few of my recent letters to the editor. Enjoy!

January 12, 2012. Letter to the Editor of the Boston Globe: Romney’s Vulture Capitalism. Read>>

June 29, 2011. Letter to the Editor of the Boston Globe: There most certainly is a parallel between the Loving v. Virginia decision and marriage equality. Read>>

March 17, 2011. To Sen. Scott Brown, who Continues to support Nuclear energy. Read>>

February 21, 2011. Blaine on Glee shouldn’t be questioning whether bisexuality exists, but rather whether he is bisexual. Read>>

February 17, 2011. Re-thinking Bathrooms. A response in support of letters that call the Harvard Crimson to task for a silly editorial opposing gender neutral bathrooms. Read>>

January 30, 2010. Response to 1/30/2010 Boston Globe article “It’s all relative for Brown, Obama.” Read>>

January 2, 2010. Response to Annie’s Mailbox column “Husband of a sudden bisexual,”November 18, 2009, and follow up on January 2, 2010. Read >>

May 11, 2010. Mr. & Mrs.: A request that web forms be updated to include “Mr. & Mr.,” etc. Read >>

July 10, 2009. Letter to Tara Siegel Bernard, author of a NY Times article entitled, “Collect Now, or Later? Timing Social Security Benefits” about it’s nonreferencing of the experience of those in same-sex couples, and her excellent response. Read >>

June 4, 2009. Letter regarding right-wing response to Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States. Read >>

December 2008. Starwood/Sheraton’s use of SiteCoach to block “harmful content” results in Robyn’s website being blocked. Robyn is NOT happy. Not at all. Read >>

November 2008. Pro-Choice on Marriage. Read>>

May 2007. It’s Wrong to Vote on Rights. Let us get back to our gay agendas. Read >>

November 2006. No Time for Divisiveness: Gays should stand with bisexuals in equality fight. Advocate. Read >>

February 2006. Bill O’Reilly Could Learn a Lot by Visiting Brokeback Mountain. Read >>

July 22, 2005. Fire Carl Rove. Read >>

July 2005. Savage hate. Response to biphobic rant by Dan Savage, NOW Toronto. Read >>

July 2005. “Biphobia. For real.” Response to biphobic poll in Bay Windows. Read >>

May 2004. Church Closings. Read >>

March 2004. One Moment at the Massachusetts State House. Read >>

February 2004. Equal taxes, Equal Rights. Read >>

February 2004. Civil Marriage. Boston Metro 2/19/04. Read >>

February 2004. Bush is using same-sex marriage as a smoke screen to draw attention from his failed policies. Read >>

May 1998. Letter To Jim Gilbert. Bay Windows. Read >>

September 1985. Bruce Bower has a very small table. Letter to Bay Windows. Read >>