Robyn is on Campus Pride’s “Hot List” of their “Top 25 LGBT Favorites”: “Every year Campus Pride picks the most diverse, provocative, inspiring and enlightening artists/speakers to provide to your student organization a recommendation of the BEST OF THE BEST in planning your campus events and activities. The artists/speakers listed are not only our SIZZLING HOT PICKS but they also rate highly among recommendations from LGBT young adults at colleges and universities across the country.” –Campus Pride website

“Robyn’s workshop was tremendously informative and engaging, and it has stuck with me for years. In a completely relaxed environment, participants learn not only to challenge assumptions about their own gender identity and sexual orientation, but to see what genuine diversity and fluidity look like in others. The result is a rejection not only of the notion of binaries but of the dominant societal narratives about orientation that we have allowed ourselves to absorb our whole lives without knowing it.”-Paul Lucas, Playwright, Trans Scripts

“The students LOVE you.

You are by far the most anticipated recurring event next to the drag show.

Sorry, the queens always win out!!”

– Emily Calfo , Florida Gulf Coast University

Robyn has an uncanny ability to make you feel loved and safe while talking about really hard hitting topics such as the minority stress that much of the Bi* community faces. I would wholeheartedly recommend Robyn Ochs to any group looking to bring in a speaker who is truly passionate about the work they do and the people they meet along the way.” –Ben Vivona, University of Louisville

“Robyn has probably done more than any other person in the U.S. and perhaps even the world to educate the general public about bisexuality. She compiled and edited the international Bisexual Resource Guide, which has enabled thousands of bisexuals to find each other and bi-supportive organizations. She has taught some of the first college courses on bisexuality. She has given countless workshops and presentations at colleges, conferences, and just about any place that will have her. And every decade or so, when the mainstream media rediscovers that bisexuals exist, Robyn patiently answers their often uninformed questions and lets them know that bisexuality is not a phase, not a fence, and not a fad.” -Brett-Genny Beemyn, Director of the Stonewall Center, The University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

“The absolute empress of sexual fluidity.”

-Kate Bornstein

“On April 7th, Penn State Schuylkill hosted Robyn Ochs, this incredibly phenomenal, amazing, insightful, creative, and genuine educator. Robyn spoke on bisexuality. Her first presentation was titled, “So Many Bisexuals, So Little Visibility.” Then, later in the evening, she did a workshop on the sexuality binaries. Both the presentation and the workshop were incredibly informative and thought provoking. I also had the pleasure of spending some one-on-one time with Robyn. I have to tell everyone, you should be jealous. She is by far one of the most intelligent, thought provoking, and engaging people I’ve ever met. Spending the afternoon with her was such an amazing experience. Thank you Robyn for bringing your energy, charm, charisma, and information to share with us. It was definitely an experience I won’t forget. Thank you!” -Bryan Keith

“Many campuses would like to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for bisexual students and faculty, but aren’t sure how to accomplish this. Robyn Ochs, noted author and activist, can help you put the B into LGBT. A long-time professional speaker and workshop facilitator, her workshops get people thinking about gender, sexual orientation, labels and identity, about building coalitions and alliances and about taking positive action… Robyn Ochs makes the most of her time on your campus, usually doing two or more programs: a talk, a workshop, speaking in a class or two, or doing a special program for residence life, counseling or student activities staff. This is in addition to spending as much time as possible with the students. As someone poised at the intersection of theory and action, Ochs introduces complex ideas in an energetic and accessible manner, and she leaves her audiences thinking and poised for action”. Generation EQ

“You are soooooo AWESOME!

Best two hours I ever sat still through!

You are truly the most engaging speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.”

-Chevy Ocasio, Kutztown University, PA

“It’s been an incredible honor to bring Robyn Ochs to campus. A half year’s worth of work really paid off! This workshop will remain one of my favorite event as tonight will likely be the highlight of my undergrad experience. Thank you to everyone who attended. You’ve helped to make this a magical moment.” -Zoë Garrison from Concordia College – 10/2015

“Robyn has been out there as a bi activist since 1985, a pioneer when bi folks identifying as lesbians and gays usually felt inhibited to come out as bisexual. She has been a brilliant organizer of community, bringing bisexual folks together in groups and conferences and bringing others in to learn and grow. Robyn has written a lot about bi issues through the years and about breaking out of all kinds of binaries. She is also a tireless speaker, so energetic and skilled. While giving a presentation, no matter if it is just 12 people or 200, she amazingly gets everyone involved. And lightbulbs go off left and right (and beyond the binary.)”-Peterson Toscano

I met Robyn Ochs during the 2013 Midwest Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Asexual, and Ally College Conference (MBLGTACC). Immediately after introducing myself to the conference’s keynote speaker, I was blown away by her effusive energy, down-to-earth personality, and evident passion for the work she does. She is an extremely clear communicator whose passion for LGBTQ activism pours into everything she does. Robyn is a phenomenal asset to the queer community and an extraordinary advocate for love. Robyn is an absolute gem.” -Michelle Wheeler, St. Olaf College ’14

“Meeting you was such a blast!

You are absolutely BRILLIANT, and life-changing! 

The campus response from both students and faculty has been nothing but positive!”

 -Colton Ferrell, Southwestern University, TX       

“THANK YOU again for your superlative presentation today! You were wonderful – funny, disarming, inspiring and full of insights. The feedback we received afterward was highly complimentary. We couldn’t be prouder to showcase you and hope the enclosed poster serves an ongoing reminder of this very productive event.”-Tom Kulaga, Co-Chair, GLBT & Allies Network, New York Times Company

“I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing talk you gave in my Women and Sexuality class and the presentation on Beyond Binaries. I love that you get the audience involved; you’re just as interested in our stories as we are in yours and that truly makes a wonderful speaker and role model.” -Julie Sullivan, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

“Your presentation in my class was everything I had hoped it would be: thought-provoking and important in a very accessible way. You do such great educational work!!”-Anne Phibbs, University of Minnesota

“I’m a student in several gender studies courses. For me, your lecture was amazing because it connected in so many ways to what I’ve been doing in classes all semester. But I also loved it because you opened up so many minds. Since the crowd was people who are either in Rainbow Alliance, or friends of people in Rainbow Alliance, nobody attending could necessarily be accused of having a closed mind per se, but I think many of the people there did consider sexuality (and gender) as black or white. Your lecture and the activity in the lecture really helped people understand the complexity behind gender and sexuality.” -Chris Hoffman, University of Pittsburgh

“Thank you so very much for your wonderful program last night. Students and staff who attended are buzzing about what they heard! Your engaging presentation style and insightful observations served to educate students about bisexuality in a way they will certainly remember.” -Karen Jacobus, Coordinator, Health Education, Mt. Holyoke College

“Robyn, thanks once again for being so amazing and giving our youth another fun and educational experience.

They just love you!!!” 

-Kirsten Freni, Adult Leader, North Shore (MA) LGBT youth group

“It was indeed our pleasure to have you here. The word was, ‘She’s REALLY cool.’ It does my heart good for our students to be exposed to such positive role models, and you fit the bill quite nicely. Also, your workshop really opened some minds, some in particular that really needed opening.” -Professor Charles LoPresto, Loyola University

“Are you going to be coming to MBLGTACC this year? Please say yes. You were SO wonderful last year, I went to your Beyond Binaries and Labels presentations last year and everything you said was fantastic and illuminating. I really hope we get to see you this year!” -RB, Creighton University

“As a participant in the Midwest BLGTA College Conference, I would like to thank you for your passionate and inspiring keynote. Your encouraging words helped me to look around and remember that we are a COMMUNITY, and the sight of so many of us in the same room brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your long-standing example of strength, courage and the quest for universal equality. I have returned to school refreshed and revitalized, ready to take on issues that had previously begun to overwhelm me. It is my hope that I can pass along that feeling of strength to others in the same way you instilled it in me.” -Jess, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

“I just wanted to thank you personally for the workshop last night.

It was one of those things that change the way you look at the world in general, and that doesn’t happen very often.” 

-Ryan Thoreson, Harvard University

“I really, really enjoyed your Break Out Session and your Keynote Address. I found your ideas challenging and provocative, and your style energizing, engaging, and eminently warm and accepting. Thanks so much for coming to the Conference – we were all very lucky for your presence.” -Jon, Northwestern University

“You give so much to the LGBT community and it certainly does not go unnoticed. Your workshops are always so interesting and thought provoking, but so incredibly uplifting as well. You make people feel like they matter and that they have the power to do something about the issues that concern them, even if it’s something small on an individual level. That is a beautiful gift.” -Kristen Smith, University at Albany

“Ah Robyn, you really are the goddess they said you’d be. I can’t thank you enough for making my first event a really memorable and successful one. I learned so much personally. And I know you had a huge impact on everyone who came. Thank you!” -Brian Buford, University of Louisville

“Hey Robyn, Thanks for doing some AMAZING workshops at True Colors!

You’re definitely one of the best presenters I’ve seen in my 6 years at the conference, and will definitely be back to at least one of your workshops next year.”

– Courtney Williams , Simmons College

“Robyn, thank you for the time you spent with our faculty and LGBTQ students. One person described their time with you as being at an ‘LGBTQ spa,’ so I think it’s safe to say that you recharged a lot of batteries and renewed and refreshed the spirits of our faculty and students. Thank you.” –Kimberly, University of Illinois, Springfield

“Thank you so much for coming to SUNY Fredonia. You were the best speaker we have ever had here. I really cannot wait to have you here again next year.” -Andrew Platt, SUNY Fredonia

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