As a well-established activist with decades of work under her belt, Robyn has many causes that are near and dear to her heart. Here find just a few that she is proud to be a part of.


Robyn served on the Board of MassEquality for 12 years. She only recently stepped down and remains active in an advisory role and as a volunteer and donor.

This grassroots advocacy organization focuses on the legal rights and protections of LGBTQ+ individuals in the state of Massachusetts. Among their many accomplishments, recently MassEquality has:

  • Endorsed 20 pro-LGBTQ candidates who won their races in the most recent general election in April 2017. This includes 16 incumbents and 4 challengers—two of whom are openly gay.
  • Passed (and are now defending) statewide transgender nondiscrimination protections.
  • Passed statewide anti-bullying protections for LGBTQ students
  • Secured the creation of the nation’s first statewide commissions to address issues facing homeless LGBTQ youth and older LGBTQ adults
  • Helped to improve prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS through passage of legislation streamlining HIV/AIDS testing

Bi Women Quarterly

BWQ is the longest-running organization for Bisexual women in the world! Robyn co-founded this grassroots publication in 1983 and remains the editor today. Each quarterly edition features artwork, essays, poems, and fiction centered around a theme of Robyn’s choosing. Past themes include: “Bi+ Spaces,” “Mixed Marriages,” “Faith and Spirit,” “The Bi*-Trans* Connection,” and “Bisexual Enough?”

Animal Rescue

Peg and Robyn got involved in rescuing animals from the Gulf Coast region after it was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Though quite a few years have passed, there is always a great need for adoptive homes and donations.

Spay and neuter your pets, donate to your local shelters if you can, and find out more about helping animals at:



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