Brown, Obama’s common ancestor(s)

Letter to the Boston Globe, written in response to a January 30, 2010 article “It’s all relative for Brown, Obama.”

brown, Obama’s common ancestor(s)

Wow, you just did something creepy. In your article “It’s all relative for Brown, Obama” you trace their roots to “a common ancestor.” You write, “Obama’s mother, … and Brown’s mother .. both descend from Richard Singletary of Haverill.” Yet looking at the family chart, I notice that this particular family tree begins with two parents: Richard Singletary and Susannah Cook. Wouldn’t that would make Susannah Cook just as related to Obama and Brown as her husband? Yet she is not mentioned as a common ancestor. Yet again, women are written out of history. I expect better from The Boston Globe.

Robyn Ochs
Cambridge MA

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