Bill O’Reilly You Might Learn a Lot on Brokeback Mountain

Published In the Boston Herald on 2/22/06.

Bill O’Reilly You Might Learn a Lot on Brokeback Mountain

Perhaps the Herald might consider upping its journalistic standards just a bit and requiring its commentators to at least see a film before making judgments about it in newspaper columns. Bill O’Reilly (2/19/06) disses Brokeback Mountain, a film he says he hasn’t seen. He accuses Hollywood of being in the culture-shaping business, with this year’s crop of “issue” films. Mr. O’Reilly, Hollywood has ALWAYS been in the business of both reflecting and shaping culture, except mostly it is mainstream cultural norms that are reinforced. He holds up as a personal favorite Clint Eastwood’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I’ve heard it’s a troubling film that glorifies macho behavior and extreme violence. But I’ll refrain from reviewing it in print because I haven’t seen it. But I have seen Brokeback Mountain, and I give it five stars.

Robyn Ochs

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