Savage Love or Hate?

Published in NOW Magazine 7/21-27/05, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Savage Love and Hate

Why do you allow Dan Savage to spew such hateful nonsense about bisexual people (NOW, July 14-20)? If he were saying dismissive and disrespectful crap about people of colour or lesbians, would you allow it? Why, then, is it okay to attack bisexuals? I am the editor of a beautiful new anthology called Getting Bi: Voices Of Bisexuals Around The World, which features 184 people in 32 different countries (including 10 from Canada) talking about their lives and identities. People wanting to learn more about bisexual people would find their time much better spent reading this new book than reading the illogical rants of a very obnoxious man. We have enough homophobes out there attacking all of us: we don’t need to attack each other.

Robyn Ochs
Boston, Massachusetts

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