Blaine on Glee Questioning Bisexuality

This is a message I sent to Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee, in response to statements he has made about Blaine, a character on his show.

Blaine on Glee shouldn’t be questioning whether bisexuality exists, but rather whether he is bisexual

To: Ryan Murphy
From: Robyn Ochs February 21 at 8:25am
Subject: The language you choose

First: I’m generally a big fan of Glee. But I read online that you said in an interview that Blaine will be “questioning whether bisexuality really exists.” This is a very problematic statement. Shouldn’t Blaine be “questioning whether HE is bisexual”?

As someone who has identified as bi for 36 years (so far) and as someone whose profession is to educate people about identity and sexual orientation, I was deeply concerned by your statement.

Finally, it would be great to have a character on Glee who is bi and NOT a super-promiscuous airhead (like Santana and especially Brittany). I’d love to see someone who identifies as bi but who is in a relationship with just one person, or with no one at all. It’s not that I am against promiscuity per se, but rather that bisexuals are really quite varied, and it would be great to see the full spectrum.


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