Bush’s Smokescreen

Letter to the Editor, February 25, 2004
Bush’s Smokescreen

Make no mistake about it: George W. Bush is using the issue of marriage for same-sex couples as a smoke screen to detract attention from REAL problems facing the American people: an economy that may be doing OK on Wall Street but is in deep trouble on Main Street; the loss of more than 2 million jobs since Bush took office; the war in Iraq that was started under false pretences, that has cost the US billions of dollars and the goodwill of the world, and that has made the people of Iraq less rather than more safe; Bush’s own circumvention of military service; his roll-back of environmental safeguards; his tax cuts that have benefited primarily the wealthy; the corporate scandals that implicate his own vice president; and on and on and on. Allowing same-sex couples who love each other to get married should be the least of our concerns. Let us not be fooled. I am marrying my sweetheart in May. This is good for us, and does no harm to anyone else.

Robyn Ochs

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