The Summer 2019 Issue of Bi Women Quarterly

The theme of this new issue of Bi Women Quarterly is “Non-binary x2 (or more).”

We are pleased to present you with writing by Denarii Grace, Talitha Milroy, Emily Fisher, Sarah Jen, Christi Sessa, Natalie Perry, Mariah Cruz, Buffy Lee, Lila Hartelius, and Tania Israel.

And this time around we have not one, but TWO “Around the World” interviews. Carla Imperial interviews Rhye Labrador from the Philippines, and Katelynn Bishop interviews Bree Mountain from Australia.

Casey Lawrence writes about Ursula LeGuin’s 1969 classic, The Left Hand of Darkness without which, she argues, “discussion of gender in science fiction is complete.” And Robin Renée reviews Jan Steckel’s latest poetry compilation, LikeFlesh Covers Bone. You will also find artwork by Jo-Anne Carlson, Why Not Both Co, and Emily Fisher, advice from A Rose Bi, and our calendar of events.

Read the edition here.

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