How to Give Emotional Support to Bi Women of Color Guide


by Gwendolyn Fougy Henry, EdM, MSLIS.

Bi women of color are self-identified trans, non-binary, and cis gender people who identify with their own personal definition of womanhood. We possess the
capacity to form attractions to more than one gender and agender
people. We identify with a cultural, ethnic, or racial background of
Native, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Asian, Pacific Islander, African,
Latina/Latinx/Hispanic, Multiracial, and Biracial heritage. Bi women of
color have profound beauty and many wonderful qualities including
various gender identities such as Two-Spirit, genderfluid, genderqueer,
bigender, androgyne, trans, non-binary and cis. We have a spectrum of
skin tones; beige, light brown, gold, mahogany, brown and ebony hues.
We also face a lot of racism, colorism, classism, sexism, misogyny,
ageism, mental illness, biphobia, transphobia as well as health
disparities. We need emotional support, and although many of us do not
know how to give it, we deeply desire to receive it. 

support is an interpersonal skill that allows us to offer comfort and
allyship to others when they are in pain and also when they experience
moments of joy. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the empathetic
active listening skills
to be able to provide emotional support. Many of
us have never been taught how to use empathetic active listening, and
many of us don’t have the physical or mental energy nor interest to
learn those skills as we are often busy tending to other areas in our
daily lives including dealing with the isms and bigotry as described

In order for the cycle of give-and-receive to be
fulfilled, each individual is responsible to learn how to give emotional
support. These tips can get you started and help you on your way of
giving to others so they can also can give to you:

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Thanks to my friend Gwen for her words of wisdom.

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