Hey, everyone! I wan’t y’all to know that I’m doing a full court press to get my fall speaking schedule in order. I’m planning to be out on the road from September through mid-November, and if you are interested in bringing me to your school, please let me know NOW. 

I’m open to speaking just about anywhere anytime, but here are a few areas I’m targeting:
September 14-17: KY/TN/southern OH
September 21-24: CA
September 29-Oct 1: WI
October 5-8: TX
October: 12-15: PA & MN
October 19-22: IN (and surrounding states)
October 26-29: FL
November 2-4: between Boston and PA
November 9-12: anywhere!
November 16-19: anywhere!

(And a special note to schools within 2 hours of Boston: anytime, y’all! Special discounts for you as well.)

If you’re not the person on your campus who makes these decisions, please pass my interest in speaking on to whoever holds this power.

Best way to reach me: robyn@robynochs.com

To learn about my work: http://www.robynochs.com

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