Robyn Ochs: Finding Bisexuality in Fiction



As in real life, it can be difficult to determine whether someone is “really” bisexual. How do you decide how to “read” someone? If a female character is with a man at the beginning of a book, falls in love with another woman, breaks up with the man and at the book’s conclusion is deeply in love with the woman, is she “really” a bisexual, or is she “really” a lesbian? Is this story a bisexual or a lesbian coming-out narrative? If she never labels herself as lesbian or bisexual, and if the author does not assign her a label, the reader will obviously be making a subjective interpretation, projecting her own assumptions and definitions onto the character.

This is brilliant.   It sums up so many of the issues we have with finding bisexual characters in fiction, especially in a world where BISAC labels completely exclude us.   

I just found this while noodling around Tumblr. 🙂

Robyn Ochs: Finding Bisexuality in Fiction

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