Generation EQ

Many campuses would like to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for bisexual students and faculty, but aren’t sure how to accomplish this. Robyn Ochs, noted author and activist, can help you put the B into LGBT. A long-time professional speaker and workshop facilitator, her workshops get people thinking about gender, sexual orientation, labels and identity, about building coalitions and alliances and about taking positive action… Robyn Ochs makes the most of her time on your campus, usually doing two or more programs: a talk, a workshop, speaking in a class or two, or doing a special program for residence life, counseling or student activities staff. This is in addition to spending as much time as possible with the students. As someone poised at the intersection of theory and action, Ochs introduces complex ideas in an energetic and accessible manner, and she leaves her audiences thinking and poised for action.