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Shelly Daniels

Thank you for an evening that expanded me beyond my expectations… I am still figuring out where/what/who I am as it relates to my sexuality. Last night was a compassionate compass.

Ryan Thoreson, Harvard University

I just wanted to thank you personally for the workshop last night. It was one of those things that change the way you look at the world in general, and that doesn’t happen very often.

Professor Charles LoPresto, Loyola University

The word was, ‘She’s REALLY cool.’ It does my heart good for our students to be exposed to such positive role models, and you fit the bill quite nicely. Also, your workshop really opened some minds, some in particular that really needed opening.

Anne Phibbs, University of Minnesota

Your presentation in my class was everything I had hoped it would be: thought-provoking and important in a very accessible way. You do such great educational work!!

Kimberly, University of Illinois Springfield

One person described their time with you as being at an ‘LGBTQ spa,’ so I think it’s safe to say that you recharged a lot of batteries and renewed and refreshed the spirits of our faculty and students. Thank you.

Jess Oshkosh, University of Wisconsin

Your encouraging words helped me look around and remember that we are a COMMUNITY, and the sight of so many of us in the same room brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your long-standing example of strength, courage and the quest for… Continue Reading “Jess Oshkosh, University of Wisconsin”

Peter Toscano

A tireless speaker, so energetic and skilled. While giving a presentation, not matter if it is just 12 people or 200, she amazingly gets everyone involved. And lightbulbs go off left and right (and beyond the binary.)

Andrew Platt, SUNY Fredonia

Thank you so much for coming to SUNY Fredonia. You were the best speaker we have ever had here. I really cannot wait to have you here again next year!

Courtney Williams, Simmons College

Thanks for doing some AMAZING workshops at True Colors! You’re definitely one of the best presenters I’ve seen in my 6 years at the conference, and will definitely be back to at least one of your workshops next year.

Colton Ferrell, Southwestern University, TX

Meeting you was such a blast! You are absolutely BRILLIANT, and life-changing! The campus response from both students and faculty has been nothing but positive!

Kate Bornstein

The absolute empress of sexual fluidity.

Campus Pride, “Top 25 LGBT Favorites- Hot List”

Every year Campus Pride picks the most diverse, provocative, inspiring and enlightening artists/speakers to provide to your student organization a recommendation of the BEST OF THE BEST in planning your campus events and activities. The artists/speakers listed are not only our SIZZLING HOT PICKS… Continue Reading “Campus Pride, “Top 25 LGBT Favorites- Hot List””

Michelle Wheeler, Student, St. Olaf College

I was blown away by her effusive energy, down-to-earth personality, and evident passion for the work she does. She is an extremely clear communicator… a phenomenal asset to the queer community and an extraordinary advocate for love.

Zoë Garrison, Concordia College

It’s been an incredible honor to bring Robyn Ochs to campus. A half year’s worth of work really paid off! This workshop will remain one of my favorite events as tonight will likely be the highlight of my undergrad experience. Thank you to everyone… Continue Reading “Zoë Garrison, Concordia College”

Julie Sullivan, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing talk you gave in my Women and Sexuality class and the presentation on Beyond Binaries. I love that you get the audience involved; you’re just as interested in our stories as we are in… Continue Reading “Julie Sullivan, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point”

Chevy Ocasio, Kutztown University

You are soooooo AWESOME! Best two hours I ever sat still through! You are truly the most engaging speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Tom Kulaga, Co-Chair, GLBT & Allies Network, New York Times Company

THANK YOU again for your superlative presentation today! You were wonderful – funny, disarming, inspiring and full of insights. The feedback we received afterward was highly complimentary. We couldn’t be prouder to showcase you.

Chris Hoffman, University of Pittsburgh

I’m a student in several gender studies courses. For me, your lecture was amazing because it connected in so many ways to what I’ve been doing in classes all semester. But I also loved it because you opened up so many minds. Since the… Continue Reading “Chris Hoffman, University of Pittsburgh”

Brian Buford, University of Louisville

Ah Robyn, you really are the goddess they said you’d be. I can’t thank you enough for making my first event a really memorable and successful one. I learned so much personally. And I know you had a huge impact on everyone who came.… Continue Reading “Brian Buford, University of Louisville”

Ben Vivona, University of Louisville

Robyn has an uncanny ability to make you fell loved and safe while talking about really hard hitting topics. I wholeheartedly recommend Robyn Ochs to any group looking to bring in a speaker who is truly passionate about the work they do and the… Continue Reading “Ben Vivona, University of Louisville”