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Aftermath November 2016

Tess Rafferty on the election of Trump. “You may not cheer at a lynching. You did buy some rope and look the other way."  I resonated with most of her words.  Aftermath November 2016

the-movemnt: Watch: The Talk’s Sheryl Underwood gets choked up in crucial speech about racial profiling and police killings. follow @the-movemnt “Until y’all feel that, this [racial profiling and shootings of unarmed black and brown people] ain’t never going to stop.”

Rolling Stone Names President Obama ‘One of the Most Successful Presidents in American History’

I post this with deep respect. Like every President before, I disagree with some of his actions and positions, but I believe him to be the best US president in my lifetime. And the blatant and subtle racism and the absolutist opposition he has… Continue Reading “Rolling Stone Names President Obama ‘One of the Most Successful Presidents in American History’”

This. I am not in favor of violence, but I believe that if we were to focus on – and address – the systemic violence being perpetrated over and over again against brown and black people in the United States, the type of responsive… Continue Reading “”

Sweet honey in the rock – Ella’s Song

Words won’t do so you’ll have to listen……….. “Until the killing of Black men, black mothers’ sons, is as important as the killing of white men, white mothers’ sons… . We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.” ‪ Thank you, Sweet Honey in… Continue Reading “Sweet honey in the rock – Ella’s Song”

I understand that it must be terrifying to be a police officer in the midst of a confrontation or stand off and that there are all sorts of unknowns. However, there are ways to disable someone believed to be presenting a threat short of… Continue Reading “”