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I’m looking forward to being a “Featured Voice” at #mblgtacc2017 next weekend. Chicago, here we come! 💜💖💙

amandla: so I took over the teen vogue snapchat today Thank you for stepping up for bi women, for Black women, for Black bi women, for women. For people. For authenticity and integrity. And thank you for doing so with such clarity, eloquence and… Continue Reading “”

Bisexuality on the rise, says new U.S. survey – CNN.com

According to a new CDC study, bisexual identity and behavior are on the rise amongst 18-44 year olds in the United States. Bisexuality on the rise, says new U.S. survey – CNN.com

robynochs: CALL FOR WRITING: The Bi Women Quarterly seeks submissions on the theme: “Partnering With Men.” What has been your experience partnering with men? Tell us about challenges/ joys/ advantages/ disadvantages you have faced. We welcome news articles about current issues and events, creative… Continue Reading “”

Over 80% of LGBT students verbally report being verbally harassed due 2 their real or perceived gender identity or sexual orientation. This is NOT OK. We have to take action.  

Today: SUNY Stony Brook (NY). Tomorrow: Minnesota State University, Mankato. And here’s where I’ll be in the coming month!  Also, I’m now booking for the spring term: robyn@robynochs.com.

“We thought we would invite everyone to join in this effort. Rather than hide your love of the show take a step to give support to projects that are authentically connected with trans/cis women and/or LGBTQ prisoners. Fill out the form below and find… Continue Reading “”

Here’s where I’ll be in the coming days.  Also, I’m actively booking for 2015-2016. If you have interest in bringing me to your school, or if you would like more information, please send me an email to robyn@robynochs.com and/or check out my website: http://www.robynochs.com. 

Communications Internship for the Bi Women Quarterly

Communications Internship for the Bi Women Quarterly Communications Internship Summer 2015  Internship Description The Bi Women Quarterly, a grassroots publication, is undergoing a strategic overhaul. As the Communications Intern, your work would be focused on this project. This offers a unique opportunity for you to… Continue Reading “Communications Internship for the Bi Women Quarterly”

Voter registration in Ferguson surges after Brown killing

More than 3,000 people have registered to vote in Ferguson, Mo., since the death of Michael Brown — a surge in interest that may mean the city of 21,000 people is ready for a change. Inspiring! Please read and — if you are a… Continue Reading “Voter registration in Ferguson surges after Brown killing”