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Not quite the end of the world, is it? Rather, a new awakening | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda Editorials

A lovely op end from Bermuda, on the occasion of a judge’s ruling making marriage equality the law of the land. Not quite the end of the world, is it? Rather, a new awakening | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda Editorials

On the steps of the Massachusetts State House

Here’s what I said yesterday on the steps of the Massachusetts State House: “My name is Robyn Ochs and I have served on the board of MassEquality for 10 years. Today the United States Supreme Court has affirmed that the freedom to marry is… Continue Reading “On the steps of the Massachusetts State House”

We’ve made amazing progress this year on the marriage equality front, as this map demonstrates. My thanks go out to every single person who spoke up, came out, rallied, wrote letters, spoke to their friends, families and coworkers, donated money to advocacy organizations and… Continue Reading “”

This is a beautiful and courageous family. It takes strength to love fully and openly in the face of ignorance and hatred. #AmericaIsReady (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

As our 10th wedding anniversary (and the 10th anniversary of marriage equality in Massachusetts) approaches, I am reminded of this Washington Post article about our wedding: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A34665-2004May17.html

Virginia same-sex marriage ban struck down

Two couples filed lawsuit against gay nuptials ban That song, “Another One Bites the Dust” comes to mind: Good news yesterday from Kentucky. Today, Virginia! Virginia same-sex marriage ban struck down

Dispute Over Gay Marriage Erupts in Cheney Family

Mary Cheney and her wife sharply criticized a comment by Ms. Cheney’s sister, Liz Cheney, a candidate for the Senate in Wyoming. How painful it must be for Mary and her wife to have a sister who doesn’t support their family (or who pretends… Continue Reading “Dispute Over Gay Marriage Erupts in Cheney Family”

robynochs: bisexual-community: Bisexual Pride + Marriage Equality = Perfect Together Robyn Ochs is an American Bisexual and LGBT rights activist, writer and speaker who helped found the Boston Bisexual Network in 1983, and the Bisexual Resource Center in 1985. She is the editor of the… Continue Reading “”