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Friends: I’m trying to make lemonade from this pile of rotten lemons. Here’s a thought: If Clinton had won the election – and especially if we had not won the Senate as well – she would have been obstructed every step of the way… Continue Reading “”

(via Biphobia: Not in My Name), and sharing because people really need to read this. Thank you. ❤

swanqueenidiot: Okay so the Colbert Report posted a link to the Ellen Page interview, right And I was already happy it was a fan favorite. But THE COMMENTS I MEAN IT’S JUST TOO GREAT ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND MAPLE LEAF This is… Continue Reading “”

xuurodii: Happy Pride Month! Happy Pride Month to all!

Description: Robyn Ochs’ April Speaking Schedule Image: Robyn’s standing in the airport with one hand on her suitcase. Text: GLSEN COFERENCE – BOSTON, MA 4/2WESTERN NEW ENGLAND U – SPRINGFIELD, MA 4/5UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND – PORTLAND, ME 4/6UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND – BIDDEFORD,… Continue Reading “”

Over 80% of LGBT students verbally report being verbally harassed due 2 their real or perceived gender identity or sexual orientation. This is NOT OK. We have to take action.  

bisexual-books: Since we’ve been talking about bisexuality in fantasy lately, here is a post of some of our bi fantasy favs.  All of them feature bisexual characters in major roles, and those with * are by bisexual authors.  If you need more, check out… Continue Reading “”

bribryontour: This should be a book for kids. Sweetness. 

jong-en-out: aestheticizer: It may look obvious, but often times it doesn’t sound that way. http://www.jongenout.nlVoor Lgbtq-ers tot en met 18!