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50 States, 50 Heroes

Wow! While I can easily think of 100 other amazing Massachusetts folks who deserve to be included on this list, I’m honored to represent Massachusetts on the Advocate’s list of “50 States, 50 Heroes,” alongside some folks I deeply admire, including Mandy Carter (NC);… Continue Reading “50 States, 50 Heroes”

The theme for the new Winter 2017 issue of the Bi Women Quarterly (which I edit) is “Bi+ Spaces.” Read it here, and please help us spread the word by sharing and cross posting. Also, feel free to sign up for a FREE electronic… Continue Reading “”

September 2016 marks my 40th anniversary of identifying as bisexual. Here’s a piece I wrote marking the occasion: https://wkypride.org/2016/09/19/on-bi-visiblity/ 

(via Biphobia: Not in My Name), and sharing because people really need to read this. Thank you. ❤

Faces of LGBT Pride

I, Robyn Ochs, am one of the four people whose essays appear on this White House blog.  Faces of LGBT Pride

Merriam-Webster just added “cisgender” and “genderqueer” to its dictionary

glsen: #GLSENproud to see these words added to Merriam-Webster!  Big news for LGBTQ folks: On Wednesday, Merriam-Webster announced that it added the words “cisgender” and “genderqueer” to its unabridged dictionary. What do those words mean? Here are Merriam-Webster’s definitions: Cisgender: of, relating to, or… Continue Reading “Merriam-Webster just added “cisgender” and “genderqueer” to its dictionary”

Pedestals of Loneliness

gwendolynhenry: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 “Your beauty, light and strength inspires me.” — “I like when you post self-affirmative thoughts.” — “I admire how you handle stress.” — “You are my role model.” — “I’m inspired how you can go through so much and… Continue Reading “Pedestals of Loneliness”