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(via Yes, Bisexual Men Exist — and They’re Tired of Having to Convince You They’re Real)  How lovely: a thoughtful article about bi men!

bidyke: [Image: Dark purple background with messy white ‘scratches’. Text below.] My favorite definition for bisexuality so far is the one popularized by (the wonderful) bisexual activist Robyn Ochs. Ochs says, “I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the…

The theme for the new Winter 2017 issue of the Bi Women Quarterly (which I edit) is “Bi+ Spaces.” Read it here, and please help us spread the word by sharing and cross posting. Also, feel free to sign up for a FREE electronic…

profeminist: Graphic source

bisexual-community: “It’s time to end the stigma around bisexuality” says this video from attn: Clear and concise. It **IS** time to end the stigma about bisexuality. I’ve identified as bi for 40 years – what an amazing “phase” it has been!

Faces of LGBT Pride

I, Robyn Ochs, am one of the four people whose essays appear on this White House blog.  Faces of LGBT Pride

buzzfeedlgbt: (x) Art by Chucha Marquez for BuzzFeed LGBT Good translation.