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(via Yes, Bisexual Men Exist — and They’re Tired of Having to Convince You They’re Real)  How lovely: a thoughtful article about bi men!

battleonthebigbridge: see, in spanish the word for “genre” and the word for “gender” is the same: “género”. if you live in mexico and someone asks you what gender you are, you can be whatever i’m comfortable with. i’m a boy, or a girl. i’m… Continue Reading “”

ssweet-dispositionn: solidise: hipster-seahorse: micdotcom: Watch: How toxic masculinity follows men from birth to death. if someone claims to be feminist but doesn’t support this, then they aren’t a feminist IMPORTANT!!! ^^truth. We need to step outside of this frame. It’s toxic.

The way a question is asked will — in large part — determine the answers you will receive. Please remember his when designing data collection tools and also when talking to your friends.