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Maggie creatively finds ways to remain on that chair, no matter whose butt is taking up most of it.

deducecanoe: awesome-picz: Cats That Don’t Care About Your Personal Space Accurate portrayal of my life. Too good NOT to share. Cat people: Enjoy!

transparasite: Cat’s cramming themselves into things might be the most documented animal behavior, on the internet. This is too cute – and definitely consensual – not to share. 

Just because it makes me smile…

moshingracingoperating: theuppitynegras: p-3ople: justinbiebsan0n: honeyxxbeexx: no-the-fandoms-protested: move your finger back and forth so it looks like the cat is following it This is more entertaining than it should be. This is why I love Tumblr. two hours later i click reblog five hours later… Continue Reading “”