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botpixie: i saw the bisexual id card on bisexualindex.org.uk but i didn’t like how plain it was so i made my own! let me know if anyone would like an id card for any other sexualities/gender identities! I’ve been intending to something like this… Continue Reading “”

I am feeling profound gratitude toward all of the amazing people I have the privilege of meeting in the course of my work. I know I give something valuable to the students, advisers, faculty and staff at the schools I visit, but the truth… Continue Reading “”

Here’s where I’ll be speaking during the coming week (October 27-31).  http://www.robynochs.com

This is how I’ll be celebrating Coming Out Week.  I’m fully booked for the fall, but if you’re interested in bringing me to speak on YOUR campus in the winter or spring, please get in touch: robyn@robynochs.com. 

I’ll be speaking this week in Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire. The season is in full swing and my schedule is packed. I’m looking forward to all the people I have yet to meet, and those I’ll get to see again, and to the… Continue Reading “”

The academic year begins! Here’s my speaking schedule for September. You can view my extended calendar on my website: http://www.robynochs.com.

WORDS MATTER In mid-July, I was on the faculty and also a keynote speaker at Camp Pride 2014 (campuspride.org). For my keynote, rather than give a speech (I can do those too!),  I did a version of my Beyond Binaries program. Seventy campers completed… Continue Reading “”

Challenging the traditional coming out narrative during my Beyond Binaries program at Campus Pride Summer Leadership Camp. Just want y’all to know that I’m booking academic year 2014-2015. I have only 2 or 3 dates left open for the fall, and lots in the… Continue Reading “”

Here is something to think about in your every interaction. Thank you, Maya Angelou. The world misses you already.


I’m looking for a new assistant. Please help me out by spreading the word. AS POSTED BY Mitch Kellaway, my current assistant: JOB OPPORTUNITY! I’ve worked for the fabulous Robyn Ochs (& Pixel Ochs) this past year, and now maybe you can too?! Here’s… Continue Reading “JOB OPPORTUNITY: ROBYN OCHS IS HIRING A NEW ASSISTANT”