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bisexual-books: Just a few of the badass BISEXUAL activists, authors, and educators that have been out there protesting for ALL our rights: Actor, author, and musician Alan Cumming HIV/AIDS activist  Samati Niyomchai and activist educator Robyn Ochs with a friend You Tuber and Planned… Continue Reading “”

profeminist: Graphic source Alan Cumming clearly and eloquently describes his own experience of identifying as a bisexual man..

bisexual-kiss: More and more bisexual friends in our life Now, more and more bisexual friends appear in our life, both bisexual men and bisexual women, and bisexual single, bisexual couples. In this world, there are heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual, such as a number of… Continue Reading “”

profeminist: Graphic source

Why Not Both Co, can I be your groupie! You make beautiful bi-affirming art. ❤

The Definition of Bisexuality (According to Bi Organizations, Activists, and the Community) – Tumblr Mobile Edition

bisexual-dragons: Bisexual Organizations: http://www.biresource.net/BRC_Brochure_2010.pdf (Bisexual Resource Center: USA)“The BRC uses bisexual as an umbrella term for people who recognize and honor their potential for sexual and emotional attraction to more than one gender. We celebrate and affirm the diversity of identity and expression regardless… Continue Reading “The Definition of Bisexuality (According to Bi Organizations, Activists, and the Community) – Tumblr Mobile Edition”

I am a big fan of The Rachel Maddow Show. But every time I hear her say “gay and transgender” or “lesbian, gay and transgender” I feel erased. Rachel Maddow, please consider using more inclusive language. PLEASE, Rachel. Come on, you can say it!

bihistorygroup: Bisexual (Cis, Trans, Gender Nonconforming) Women visibly participating over the years in the NYC LGBT Pride March Interesting to be mucking about in Tumblr and recognize myself there, and also recognize other familiar faces. 🙂

whynotbothco: Happy Holidays 🙂 Lovely!

The Bi Blog Directory (SFW)

the-updated-blog-directory: Message me if you want your blog added or removed: http://ahippiemadeofasphalt.tumblr.com/ http://asexualxbisexual.tumblr.com/ http://beautifulbisexuals.tumblr.com/ http://bemusedlybespectacled.tumblr.com/ http://bettythebisexual.tumblr.com/ http://bi-characters.tumblr.com/ http://bi-ology-zine.tumblr.com/ http://bi-privilege.tumblr.com/ http://bi-puns.tumblr.com/ http://bi-trans-alliance.tumblr.com/ http://bialogue-group.tumblr.com/ http://bidancesual.tumblr.com/ http://bidotorg.tumblr.com/ http://bifacts.tumblr.com/ http://bifeministagenda.tumblr.com/ http://bifeministfan.tumblr.com/ http://bigal-and-biguy.tumblr.com/ http://biphobic-bisexual.tumblr.com/ http://biphobicshiton.tumblr.com/ http://binetusa.tumblr.com/ http://bitopiamagazine.tumblr.com/ http://biresourcecenter.tumblr.com/ http://bisexual-confessions.tumblr.com/ http://bisexualprismpower.tumblr.com/ http://bisexuwhale-pride.tumblr.com/ http://bisexual-books.tumblr.com/ http://bisexual-community.tumblr.com/ http://bisexualfunfacts.tumblr.com/ http://bisexual-revolution.tumblr.com/ http://bisexualdemondean.tumblr.com/ http://bisexuality.co.vu/ http://bisexualsaregreat.tumblr.com/ http://bisexualsteverogersnetwork.tumblr.com/… Continue Reading “The Bi Blog Directory (SFW)”