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Bisexual Women Who Are Making History

Yeep. Teen Vogue has made a short video titled Bisexual Women Who Are Making History. Description: Here are six bisexual women who are making their mark on the world.“ Nicola Adams, Alicia Garza, Kyrsten Simena, Kate Brown, me. This feels strange. But good strange.… Continue Reading “Bisexual Women Who Are Making History”

Bisexual Women of Color at Work

biwoc: What did you do this past weekend?  This seemingly simple question can bring panic and frustration for many bisexual women of color in the workplace and at learning institutions. Although we all work at different types of jobs; be it as a librarian,… Continue Reading “Bisexual Women of Color at Work”

YESTERDAY, at the Post Office.

At the Post Office:“I’d like to send this book via media mail.”“Sure, no problem. Is it a good book?”“I’d like to think so – I’m one of its editors!”“What’s it about?”“It’s about bisexual men.” (said in the most matter-of-fact voice I could muster)“Oh. Do… Continue Reading “YESTERDAY, at the Post Office.”

Bisexuals: An Invisible Majority?

Bisexuals: An Invisible Majority?

Today is the first day of Bisexual Awareness Week. Focus: bi history (bistory). Here’s a photo from January 1993 when the Donohue Show did its first (and perhaps only) show focusing on bisexuality. Here we are posing with Phil and the show’s producer.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS FOR THE BI WOMEN QUARTERLY: The theme for the Fall 2014 issue will be “Intersection: Geography.” Tell us: How has your geographic location (where you are from, where you have lived and/or where you live now) affected your experience of your sexual… Continue Reading “”

To be notified when the new bi men’s anthology comes out, send your email address to us: bimen2013@gmail.com. It’s getting closer to being completed, and it’s going to be amazing!

Labels are for cans, not people: Why Bi Matters: Thoughts on Bi Visibility Day

myqueergirlfeelings: (A lot of my thoughts tie in to Shiri Eisner’s Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution, which if you haven’t read, on today of all days, run to get your copy. Seriously.) Being bisexual teaches me about power. It shows me that I… Continue Reading “Labels are for cans, not people: Why Bi Matters: Thoughts on Bi Visibility Day”

Would YOU like a free subscription to Bi Women, a quarterly grassroots publication currently edited by Robyn Ochs? Not only is it free, but it’s also easy to sign up.  Just click here.   You can find the current issue and recent back issues on our… Continue Reading “”