imreallybad: bisexual people passing as straight when they’re in a straight relationship is not “passing privilege.” it’s erasure. it’s assimilation.  that’s like saying that femme lesbians have privilege over butch lesbians. invisibility might keep people safer on a micro-level which is fucked up, but… Continue Reading “”

YESTERDAY, at the Post Office.

At the Post Office:“I’d like to send this book via media mail.”“Sure, no problem. Is it a good book?”“I’d like to think so – I’m one of its editors!”“What’s it about?”“It’s about bisexual men.” (said in the most matter-of-fact voice I could muster)“Oh. Do… Continue Reading “YESTERDAY, at the Post Office.”

This is a free, virtual conference that will be held June 1-5. Lots of interesting speakers. Plus me. 

Join us at this virtual conference – it’s FREE and has an interesting line up of speakers. Plus me. 

Still my beating heart! Here’s what Diane Anderson-Minshal just wrote in The Advocate about Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men: “If there’s one myth bantered about in the gay community the most, it has to be that bisexual men don’t exist; great authors, artists,… Continue Reading “”

From the report, Supporting and Caring for Our Bisexual Youth. Read the whole report at: http://hrc-assets.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com//files/assets/resources/Supporting_and_Caring_for_Bisexual_Youth.pdf 

sorrynotsorrybi: Conner Mertens on coming out as bisexual in the often hyper-masculine world of football, and on LGBT youth representation in athletics. Keep fighting the good fight, Conner! Thanks, Conor Mertens!