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Would YOU like a free subscription to Bi Women, a quarterly grassroots publication currently edited by Robyn Ochs? Not only is it free, but it’s also easy to sign up.  Just click here.   You can find the current issue and recent back issues on our… Continue Reading “”

Robyn’s Campus Adventures

I still can’t quite believe it, but I’m FULLY booked through January 2014! I’m now looking ahead to February and beyond. Here’s where I’ll be from now until the end of October 2013: September 20. Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)September 24. Rollins College (Winter Park, FL) September 25. Florida… Continue Reading “Robyn’s Campus Adventures”

Identities as Adjectives

I prefer to use identities as adjectives rather than as proper nouns, as tools for communication rather than viewing them as fixed boxes into which we must attempt to squeeze ourselves. For this reason, I welcome the proliferation of creative and new identity words… Continue Reading “Identities as Adjectives”