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Robyn Featured In Teen Vogue Piece, ‘Why Bisexual Women Are At A Higher Risk For Violence’

“People often mistake someone coming out as bisexual as a sexual invitation,” says Ochs. “When someone is simply sharing their identity, people think that they’re inviting them into the bedroom. “I had one girlfriend leave me because she was afraid I was going to… Continue Reading “Robyn Featured In Teen Vogue Piece, ‘Why Bisexual Women Are At A Higher Risk For Violence’”

refinery29 Quotes Robyn in Piece on the expansive definition of bisexual

“Rather than arguing over which word is better, I believe that bi- and pan-identified folks would be wise to pool our energy and resources to fight, instead, for the right to hold non-binary sexualities,” Ochs says. “There are so many people out there who… Continue Reading “refinery29 Quotes Robyn in Piece on the expansive definition of bisexual”

NBC News Quotes Robyn in Report on Bisexual Women, Transgender People’s Higher Levels of Poverty

“Bisexual people have a much harder time finding community and safe space,” Ochs explained, “…even when there’s an established LGBTQ community, it’s often not fully inclusive of bisexual-identified people.” Robyn Ochs, NBC News

Harvard Kennedy’s ‘LGBTQ Policy journal’ Interviews with Robyn

At the end of last year, Harvard Kennedy student Elizabeth Zwart interviewed Robyn for her “living queer history” assignment; the result was recently published in Harvard Kennedy’s LGBTQ Policy Journal. In the interview, they discussed the creation and evolution of the Boston Bisexual Women’s… Continue Reading “Harvard Kennedy’s ‘LGBTQ Policy journal’ Interviews with Robyn”

April 2020 Bookings

All of my events through May were cancelled due to COVID-19, so it looks like I’ll be spending this April at home instead of on the road. But, I am available virtually to give online talks or webinars! My Etsy shop BiProducts is also… Continue Reading “April 2020 Bookings”

SPRING 2020 BWQ is here

I am pleased to announce the birth of a new issue of Bi Women Quarterly. The theme is “Being an Activist.” Ellyn Ruthstrom is the guest editor of this issue. It’s an excellent issue, and you can read it here: Enjoy!

‘Being Out Is Activism’ – Robyn interviews with Bi.Org

Back in January, Robyn sat down with to discuss coming out as bisexual, doing activism sustainably, and how the experience of being bisexual has changed over the years.

Read my op-ed: “Bi-pan-queer people need the Equality Act’s protections” in the Washington Blade, 12/13/19.

Read my op-ed in the Washington Blade: “Bi-pan-queer people need the Equality Act’s protections.”

September 2019 Bookings

Robyn has an essay published in The Nation magazine!

Bisexuality Has Always Challenged Norms—Even in the Queer World Let’s use the 50th anniversary of Stonewall to embrace the full spectrum of our differences and desires. This essay is part of the Reclaiming Stonewall series published in The Nation magazine, June 2019.