Unfair to vultures

My letter was printed in today’s Boston Globe. Here’s what I wrote:

“I HAVE seen Mitt Romney’s former company, Bain Capital, referred to as “vulture capitalists.’’ I don’t think that’s accurate. Vultures, at least, wait until something is dead before profiting from it by killing, eviscerating, and consuming it. This comparison is unfair to vultures.”

Robyn Ochs, this week

This week I will be at Northern Michigan U. (MI), Michigan Tech (MI), Ball State U. (IN) & the College of the Holy Cross (MA). www.robynochs.com 

My life as a campus speaker…

I’m at Northern Illinois University. Loving my work today and feeling extremely fortunate to get to meet and work with so many amazing people. Also the Advocate did an article about campus speakers, and I’m one of those featured.: 


Same-sex couples & the Census

The number of Americans telling the US Census they’re living with same-sex partners nearly doubled in the past decade, to about 650,000 couples. And more than 130,000 recorded partners as husband or wife. Peg and I are delighted to be one of these. 


During a discussion a few days ago about how important it is for LGBT people and our allies to be allies to each other, a student named Kendralyn told the following beautiful story, which I share with her permission:

“Queer people sometimes assume that when I’m not in “their” spheres, I get to leave and go about my business living as any other straight person would. But I am always an ally no matter where I am. When I was home in Upstate NY, I was riding a city bus. At one of the stops a transgender woman, who didn’t present like a “typical” woman, got on. And I witnessed people being extremely nasty to her. They were saying things like, “It’s not Halloween yet”, “You’re a freak”, and people actually got up and moved to sit away from her. I stood from my seat and sat next to her and we had a lovely conversation. At one point, she was saying how sad it is that she gets made fun of and how people don’t understand her and that they call her ugly and I told her, “I think you’re beautiful.” People were giving us looks, but we smiled and kept talking with one another.”

Thank you Kendralyn!

National survey data on same-sex experience

Nat’l survey finds 10% of women 22-44 w/ bachelors report same-sex experience, compared w/ 15% of those w/o hs diploma. 3% of the women — & 5 percent of the least-educated women — said they were attracted equally to men & women. 

National survey data on same-sex experience