Harvard Kennedy’s ‘LGBTQ Policy journal’ Interviews with Robyn

At the end of last year, Harvard Kennedy student Elizabeth Zwart interviewed Robyn for her “living queer history” assignment; the result was recently published in Harvard Kennedy’s LGBTQ Policy Journal. In the interview, they discussed the creation and evolution of the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network, the relationships between different facets of the LGBTQ community, and the importance of community and identity spaces.

How has the conversation around inclusion progressed over the years?
As non-binary identities have come to the fore, we’ve had to discuss how to adapt language to be inclusive.  For example, when I used to describe who Bi Women Quarterly is for, I would say it was a publication for bi women.  But now I say it’s for women and also non-binary people comfortable under that umbrella who identify as bi or with any other non-binary sexuality. It’s a lot of words, but they’re inclusive words. We very intentionally and explicitly don’t police who belongs.  

Read the entire interview here.

April 2020 Bookings

All of my events through May were cancelled due to COVID-19, so it looks like I’ll be spending this April at home instead of on the road.

But, I am available virtually to give online talks or webinars!

My Etsy shop BiProducts is also still up and shipping orders. Proceeds from sales go to supporting Bi Women Quarterly, a FREE publication featuring the voices of bisexual, pansexual, & queer women. Subscribe or read us online at biwomenboston.org

SPRING 2020 BWQ is here

I am pleased to announce the birth of a new issue of Bi Women Quarterly. The theme is “Being an Activist.” Ellyn Ruthstrom is the guest editor of this issue. It’s an excellent issue, and you can read it here: http://biwomenboston.org/spring-20.


‘Being Out Is Activism’ – Robyn interviews with Bi.Org

“You may not recognize Robyn’s name at first glance, but I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that you’ve recited her words without even knowing it. Her definition of bisexuality— referred to as the Ochs standard— is often the most recognized and cited on the internet, both inside and out the academic halls. On the forefront of bi studies for nearly forty years, Ochs is perhaps the most prominent scholar on bi studies and activism in the United States. An educator, speaker, grassroots activist, and editor of Bi Women Quarterly and two anthologies, this trailblazer was named by Teen Vogue as one of “9 Bisexual Women Who are Making History.”

Recently I had the privilege to sit down with Robyn and talk over the phone about all things bi— from her headline-making marriage (one of first same-sex ones in the nation) to how growing tomatoes is essential to her decades of groundbreaking work.”

Jennie Roberson, “Robyn Ochs – Being Out is Activism”

Back in January, Robyn sat down with bi.org to discuss coming out as bisexual, doing activism sustainably, and how the experience of being bisexual has changed over the years. Read the entire interview here.

Robyn has an essay published in The Nation magazine!

Bisexuality Has Always Challenged Norms—Even in the Queer World

Let’s use the 50th anniversary of Stonewall to embrace the full spectrum of our differences and desires.

This essay is part of the Reclaiming Stonewall series published in The Nation magazine, June 2019.

Robyn featured in the Washington Post regarding Biphobia at Pride & the recent shift towards inclusivity

Bisexual People have long felt excluded at Pride festivities. That’s finally changing.

Columnist Zachary Zane recounts his own experience with biphobia at Pride and tells the stories of various others, including activist and editor of Bisexual.org, Talia Squires.

Robyn is quoted regarding the “cultural tipping point” for bisexuality as public opinion and pride events become more accepting of multisexual people, including those in different-gender relationships.

The Summer 2019 Issue of Bi Women Quarterly

The theme of this new issue of Bi Women Quarterly is “Non-binary x2 (or more).”

We are pleased to present you with writing by Denarii Grace, Talitha Milroy, Emily Fisher, Sarah Jen, Christi Sessa, Natalie Perry, Mariah Cruz, Buffy Lee, Lila Hartelius, and Tania Israel.

And this time around we have not one, but TWO “Around the World” interviews. Carla Imperial interviews Rhye Labrador from the Philippines, and Katelynn Bishop interviews Bree Mountain from Australia.

Casey Lawrence writes about Ursula LeGuin’s 1969 classic, The Left Hand of Darkness without which, she argues, “discussion of gender in science fiction is complete.” And Robin Renée reviews Jan Steckel’s latest poetry compilation, LikeFlesh Covers Bone. You will also find artwork by Jo-Anne Carlson, Why Not Both Co, and Emily Fisher, advice from A Rose Bi, and our calendar of events.

Read the edition here.

Work for Robyn

ROBYN OCHS—an independent speaker, teacher, writer, and LGBTQ+ activist—seeks a self-motivated, organized, dependable, and innovative administrative assistant. Strong communication skills (writing, email, phone manner, etc.) are essential, and you should be comfortable with social media, Microsoft Office Suite, and WordPress.

Requires approximately 20 hours/week September through May, and 15-20 hours/week June-August. Requires working in Jamaica Plain, MA once a week. Other hours can be done at the time and in the place of your choosing. Start date: July or early August. A two-year commitment to this job is desired.

“Ten Things I Like About Working for Robyn” (by outgoing assistant, Beth)

  1. An opportunity to support someone whose work is changing the world.
    2. Supporting someone who genuinely values your work & pays fairly.
  2. A casual, and stress-free work environment
  3. Interacting with LGBTQ activists, student groups, and faculty/staff at various universities. 
    5. Schedule flexibility for most of my hours.
    6. Spending one day a week (or more!) in the company of Maggie, HarleyQuinn & Rocco (2 cats & a small lizard).
  4. Staying on the cutting edge of inter-community discussions about identity and sexuality—especially those beyond the binaries.
    8. Always being up-to-date on LGBTQ+ issues within the States and worldwide.
    9. Coming to work prepared to laugh, talk about politics, and eat garden fresh vegetables!  
    10. Single-stall, all-gender bathrooms.


  • Seek out speaking engagements for Robyn
  • Maintain correspondence with schools and organizations interested in booking Robyn’s programs.
  •  Work with student groups, student life departments, and academic centers to coordinate logistics of Robyn’s speaking tours.
  •  Write, prepare, and proofread outreach mailings.
  •  Help to manage email and prioritize a busy inbox.
  •  Maintain a speaking calendar and online contact databases.
  •  Plan and book travel arrangements (flight, car, and hotels).
  •  Prepare, review, and process contracts.
  •  Design handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and graphics.
  • Help keep Robyn’s social media and website up to date.
  •  Keep organizational systems running smoothly.
  •  Research relevant resources and identify and contact new potential hosts.


  • Excellent phone and email communication skills.
  •  Ability to self-motivate, prioritize tasks, and focus while working from home/Robyn’s home.
  •  Strong organizational skills.
  •  Creativity.
  •  Design experience, including graphic design and knowledge of relevant software.
  •  Ability to explain Robyn’s work and activism.
  •  Strong attention to detail.

Robyn welcomes applicants of all sexual orientations, genders, races/ethnicities, sizes, etc.

Email a cover letter, your resume and a paragraph explaining why you’d be a great fit for this position to robyn@robynochs.com by June 14. Interviews will likely take place during the first week of July. Position starts August 1st(or sooner).