Bi Women Quarterly – Call for Submissions

What are your experiences with bi+ representation in popular culture? What has disappointed, disgusted, validated, or inspired you? Have you seen changes take place over time? Share your thoughts, critiques, and recommendations about TV, films, music, and beyond.

Submissions due by May 1, 2022.

I made a personal commitment to hold men & women to the same standards in relationships

“I made a personal commitment to hold men and women to the same standards in relationships. […] I decided that I would not settle for less from men, while realizing that it means that I might be categorically eliminating most men as potential partners. So be it.”

-Robyn Ochs, ‘Bisexuality, Feminism, Men, and Me’

Recently quoted in Mashable article –

“I’m a bisexual woman and I don’t know how to date men”

We’re Here: Making Primary Care a Safe Space for Bi+ Patients

We’re Here: Making Primary Care a Safe Space for Bi+ Patients

January 20th, 2022

6:30 – 8:00 PM CST

I’m looking forward to moderating this bi+ health event on January 20th. I’m excited to be working with my amazing friend and colleague Lauren Beach and others on the cutting edge of bi+ research!

Link to RSVP:

Bi Women Quarterly – Call for Submissions

Spring 2022: Bi+ Health

Research shows that women who identify as bi+ engage in risk behaviors at a higher rate and have poorer health than do heterosexuals or even lesbians. What’s going on here? What has been your experience? Essays, poems, artwork, and short stories are welcome.

Submissions due by February 1, 2022

On Attraction and Identity Labels

There are so many different types of attraction, and yet we sometimes try to squeeze all that complexity into these little words like… ‘I’m straight.’ ‘I’m gay.’ ‘I’m bi.’ In fact, true understanding requires a conversation, not just one word.

Robyn Ochs

Straight Could Have Been Your Phase

“I loved the quote you said, that ‘straight could have been your phase’ and I also loved seeing you, simply because you’re older and bisexual and I’ve never seen that (in society).” – Halie, a student in Kentucky

Let’s Work Together

“Rather than debating which single label all of us with multi-gender attraction should use, let’s work together to hold space for ALL nonbinary sexualities.
Bisexual, biromantic, pan, queer, omnisexual, multisexual & more: I celebrate you during Bi Visibility Month & every day.”

Robyn Ochs

Now Booking

Robyn Ochs is booking now! Available for online and in-person workshops, keynotes, conferences, panels, trainings, and more. Lear more at

September 2021 Engagements

Some new, last-minute speaking engagements so I’m putting out this revised list of what’s on my schedule for the rest of #BiVisibilityMonth:

  • Sept 9th – Tower Hill’s LGBTQ+ Pride
  • Sept 14th – Center Club
  • Sept 20th – NAGLY
  • Sept 21st – Paylocity
  • Sept 22nd – University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • Sept 23rd – Salesforce & Unqork
  • Sept 25th – International Bi Conference Online
  • Sept 30th – Minnesota State University, Mankato

Please contact for information about any of these events or to invite Robyn to speak.

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