PinkNews’ 11 Bisexual Heroes

11 Amazing Bisexual Heroes Everyone Should Know About – PinkNews

“Despite being the B in LGBT, bisexual people can feel overlooked and misunderstood. They’re also often subjected to complete nonsense, biphobia and ignorance.

Thankfully, there are plenty of bisexual heroes out there championing bisexual rights – whether they’re activists, writers or celebrities speaking out.

From Evan Rachel Wood to Alan Cumming, here’s a handful of our favourite bi heroes.”

Bi Women Quarterly

Dear Reader,

This theme of the new Winter 2018 issue of Bi Women Quarterly is “What I Want.” Readers were asked: “Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on what you want – what you really want?”

On this theme, we present poetry by Casey Lawrence, Jo-Anne Carlson, Courtney Carola, Samantha Pious, Jane Barnes, and Michelle-Marie Gilkeson; and prose by NekoFirefoxy, Julie Petry, Martina Robinson, Nat Dahl, Karen Remaley and Carlotta Lami.

In the Around the World column, Hilde Vossen reports back on bi activism at the ILGA Europe Conference. We also offer our usual staples: Advice from A Rose Bi and our Calendar. Why Not Both Co has provided a new comic. And there’s a short piece on “Bi+ Representation in Television.” Dr. Renate Baumgartner writes this issue’s Research Corner on “Imagining Bisexual Futures.”

I’m in this issue far more than usual: there’s the cover story, about actor Sara Ramirez winning a Trailblazer Award from NY’s LGBT Community Center, which I had the honor of presenting to her. I include Sara’s speech and mine. There’s also a write-up about a Community Leadership Award I received from the Bisexual Resource Center.

I’d like to recognize Gail Zacharias, Charlotte Alger, LB Klein, and all of the other folks whose volunteer work makes this publication possible.

Finally, readers: we would like to hear from you. The themes for the next two issues will be “Chosen Family” and “Bodies.” Check out our call for submissions and submission guidelines on our website, and please consider submitting something. Feel free to send in letters to the editor, or to suggest themes for upcoming issues.

And of course, we welcome [read: NEED] your donations to help us continue to get Bi Women Quarterly out to the world.

Read the Bi Women Quarterly here.

Warm regards from Boston,

Robyn Ochs



Robyn Receives Nat’l Leadership Award

At the 2017 Camp Pride and Advisor Academy conference, Robyn was honored with the Voice & Action National Leadership Award.

Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director of Campus Pride, said: “Robyn is a tireless national advocate for LGBTQ youth and one of the leading voices and educators when it comes to bisexual awareness and visibility in the country. She continues to give so much of her expertise and talents to Campus Pride and college campuses.  We are honored to give her our highest honor with the Voice and Action award.”

Aneesah Smith and Delfin Bautista were also honored, receiving Campy Awards for their commitment to Campus Pride and their volunteer work for the organization over the past three or more years.

Robb & Priscilla are 2 of my favorite people. Here we r Sat night at Robb’s fundraiser for 🌈Fenway Health.

[The text, next to an image of the Statue of Liberty, reads: 
On this 4th of July, a day when there is so much talk of
“patriotism,” here are some words written by my uncle, Phil Ochs in

“Here is a land full of power and glory;
Beauty that words cannot recall;

Oh, her power shall rest on the strength of her freedom;
Her glory shall rest on us all.
Yet she’s only as rich as the poorest of her poor;
Only as free as the padlocked prison door;
Only as strong as our love for this land;
Only as tall as we stand.”

Patriotism, to me, is not about blind and unquestioning devotion to
authority. It’s about taking responsibility for righting what’s wrong.
It’s about making this country the best place it can be for ALL of us.
It’s about protecting our rivers and our oceans and our streams. It’s
about protecting our air. It’s about advocating for the most
marginalized. It’s about standing up to those who would put their own
profit and gain before the greater good. Patriotism, for me, is service.
Patriotism is activism.]




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