Guidelines For Beyond Binaries

Beyond Binaries is an interactive workshop designed and developed by Robyn Ochs as a tool for increasing awareness of sexual orientation and identity, with a focus on the complex interplay between these and other identities, especially gender.

Robyn has been developing and performing this program for over two decades and is its best facilitator. Please consider bringing Robyn and this program to your campus, conference or organization. 

That said, she sees Beyond Binaries as – on some level – community owned: it has been developed over time in response to participant feedback. Robyn also recognizes that she can be in only on place at a time and that some groups have insufficient funding to bring in an outside speaker. For these reasons, and because she would like to this impactful program out to the broadest possible audience, Robyn chooses to make this program available to all.

Following are tools and guidelines for facilitating a session of Beyond Binaries:

Other versions of this program are available (workplace, conference). Robyn would be happy to do these programs at your organization.

If you are able please make a donation to the Bisexual Resource Center (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization) in exchange for using this program.

Thank you for your commitment to bringing increased awareness to this subject.