Harvard Kennedy’s ‘LGBTQ Policy journal’ Interviews with Robyn

At the end of last year, Harvard Kennedy student Elizabeth Zwart interviewed Robyn for her “living queer history” assignment; the result was recently published in Harvard Kennedy’s LGBTQ Policy Journal. In the interview, they discussed the creation and evolution of the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network, the relationships between different facets of the LGBTQ community, and the importance of community and identity spaces.

How has the conversation around inclusion progressed over the years?
As non-binary identities have come to the fore, we’ve had to discuss how to adapt language to be inclusive.  For example, when I used to describe who Bi Women Quarterly is for, I would say it was a publication for bi women.  But now I say it’s for women and also non-binary people comfortable under that umbrella who identify as bi or with any other non-binary sexuality. It’s a lot of words, but they’re inclusive words. We very intentionally and explicitly don’t police who belongs.  

Read the entire interview here.

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