‘Being Out Is Activism’ – Robyn interviews with Bi.Org

“You may not recognize Robyn’s name at first glance, but I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that you’ve recited her words without even knowing it. Her definition of bisexuality— referred to as the Ochs standard— is often the most recognized and cited on the internet, both inside and out the academic halls. On the forefront of bi studies for nearly forty years, Ochs is perhaps the most prominent scholar on bi studies and activism in the United States. An educator, speaker, grassroots activist, and editor of Bi Women Quarterly and two anthologies, this trailblazer was named by Teen Vogue as one of “9 Bisexual Women Who are Making History.”

Recently I had the privilege to sit down with Robyn and talk over the phone about all things bi— from her headline-making marriage (one of first same-sex ones in the nation) to how growing tomatoes is essential to her decades of groundbreaking work.”

Jennie Roberson, “Robyn Ochs – Being Out is Activism”

Back in January, Robyn sat down with bi.org to discuss coming out as bisexual, doing activism sustainably, and how the experience of being bisexual has changed over the years. Read the entire interview here.

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