PinkNews’ 11 Bisexual Heroes

11 Amazing Bisexual Heroes Everyone Should Know About – PinkNews

“Despite being the B in LGBT, bisexual people can feel overlooked and misunderstood. They’re also often subjected to complete nonsense, biphobia and ignorance.

Thankfully, there are plenty of bisexual heroes out there championing bisexual rights – whether they’re activists, writers or celebrities speaking out.

From Evan Rachel Wood to Alan Cumming, here’s a handful of our favourite bi heroes.”

3 Comments on “PinkNews’ 11 Bisexual Heroes

  1. Very proud of my big sister. You are amazing and making a huge difference. I am very very very proud of you! You have a new place to stay when you are in town. We are semi settled! Love you bunches!                                                                                                                         Sandy

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