Just a few of the badass BISEXUAL activists, authors, and educators that have been out there protesting for ALL our rights:

  • Actor, author, and musician Alan Cumming
  • HIV/AIDS activist  Samati Niyomchai and activist educator Robyn Ochs with a friend
  • You Tuber and Planned Parenthood spokesman R.J. Aguiar
  • Award-winning Jewish YA author Hannah Moskowitz
  • Actress Evan Rachel Wood with a friend
  • Journalist and former Executive Director of Faith in America Eliel Cruz
  • Literary critic and founder of Sarah Stumpf

I couldn’t find a picture of transgender author and activist Julia Serano speaking at the San Francisco Women’s March but she said:

What we are engaged in here today is not “identity politics” — it is neither inwardly focused nor narcissistic. Rather, we are participating in an organized resistance against forces that are actively trying to disempower and disenfranchise us. This is about our collective outrage over all forms of prejudice and discrimination. This is about all of us collectively refusing to tolerate politicians who forward policies and positions designed to further marginalize women and minorities.

This is not “identity politics.” If anything, it is empathy politics.

You can read the rest of her amazing speech here.

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