Friends: I’m trying to make lemonade from this pile of rotten lemons.
Here’s a thought: If Clinton had won the election – and especially if we had not won the Senate as well – she would have been obstructed every step of the way and would not have been able to get a whole lot done. She might not even have been able to get any Supreme Court justices through the repuglican roadblock. And guess who would have been held accountable for congressional inaction by our low information voters? Clinton would have been blamed, and I believe we would have lost additional seats in the House and Senate in 2018 and 2020, and almost certainly also the presidency in 2020.

Trump has made a mountain of empty promises to fix this and that and everything else – he’s promised to bring back jobs, build a wall, “make america great again,” to give us “so much winning that we’re going to get tired of winning,” etc. THERE IS NO WAY HE CAN DO WHAT HE HAS PROMISED.

So here’s the lemonade: at least Trump – and hopefully the repuglican-led House and Senate – will be held accountable when he makes a mess, and the voters will be backlashing against THEM.

I’m not trying to pretend this is not a tragic and horrific moment with all sorts of frightening implications; I’m just trying to find the fuel we need to lift ourselves up and continue our struggle for social justice.

Check in with your friends and loved ones today. Give lots of hugs. Ask for hugs. And please accept this electronic hug from me.

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