Here’s a final reminder that submissions to
the next issue of the Bi Women Quarterly are due by May 1st. Please let me know if you intend to
submit something for this issue by writing to me at

Summer 2016: “Labels”
Those of us who identify between (or outside of) gay and straight use a
lot of different labels. Which one(s) do you use, and why? Do you use
different labels in different contexts? Are you comfortable in your
label(s)? What are the challenges/ benefits of labeling?
Submissions for this issue are due by MAY 1st.

Fall 2016: “Does Gender Matter?”
Is love really just love, no matter the gender of your partner(s)? Are
your affections and attractions genderless, or do you crave or seek
experiences with particular genders? Are you treated differently with
different-gendered partners? Do you behave differently?
Submissions for this issue are due by AUGUST 1.

Submission guidelines can be found on our website, and you
can read the current issue and back issues, and sign up for a free electronic subscription at .


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