fact: there’s no age requirement or age limit to figuring out your identity

source: the pew research center’s datset from their survey of lgbt americans

a lot of bi identified people struggle with feeling fake because of their age. young bi people may feel like they’re too young to know for certain, while older bi people may feel like because it took them longer to figure their identity out, it’s less valid. rest assured, though, your age does not determine the validity of your identity–and while each of us has to take our own path to figuring it out, age-wise, at least, you’re probably not alone! in a survey of 393 bisexuals ages 18 and older…

  • about half reported knowing that they were bi for certain sometime between ages 15-23, with the median age being 18.
  • ten percent of bisexuals reported knowing that they were bi by the age of 12, and one quarter reported knowing by age 15.
  • one quarter of bisexuals said they were not certain that they were bisexual until they were 23 or older, and ten percent did not feel certain that they were bi until they were 34 or older.

do you identify as bi, but still feel unsure or confused about your identity? no worries, you’re in good company as well. in addition to the 392 respondents who reported being sure of their bisexual identity, 37 respondents self-identified as bi, but said that they were not yet certain of their bi identity. of those respondents…

  • five were 18-24 years old
  • eight were 25-34

    years old

  • six were 35-44

    years old

  • six were 45-54

    years old

  • six were 55-64

    years old

  • two were 65-74

    years old

  • four were older than 75

and as always, remember–there is no one way to be bi. you are amazing and your identity is valid ❤

mod bi privilege

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