Still my beating heart! Here’s what Diane Anderson-Minshal just wrote in The Advocate about Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men:

“If there’s one myth bantered about in the gay community the most, it has to be that bisexual men don’t exist; great authors, artists, and agitators have said as much in print. Which is why the earnest, bittersweet, and occasionally profound essays in Recognize are such winners. Thanks to some careful curation by editors Robyn Ochs (probably the most renowned bisexual speaker right now) and Dr. Herukhuti (billed here as H. Sharif Williams — a clinical sociologist, cultural studies scholar, sexologist, and author), the pieces in Recognize really let you feel as though you’re walking in the lives of these bi men, as diverse a bunch as one could find, and it helps us understand what’s probably the most misunderstood portion of LGBT. Moreover, Recognize is never clinical, never removed from the writer’s life; each essay further humanizes people who are too often caricatured.”

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