A reminder: submissions for the next issue of the Bi Women Quarterly are due on February 1st. Please consider writing submitting an essay, a [very] short story, poetry, artwork, etc.

Spring 2015: “Intersection: Geography, Part 2″

We received so much excellent material for the last Geography issue (Fall 2014) that we promised to run a second issue on the theme. There may be space for additional pieces. Here’s the call: How has your geographic location (where you are from, where you have lived and/or where you live now) affected your experience of your sexual orientation?
Submissions for the this issue must be received by February 1st.

Summer 2015: “Toy Stories”

After several serious topics in a row, we’re lightening up with the theme “Toy Stories.” Yes, we’re talking sex toys. What was your first? How do you talk to your lovers about them? What do sex-positive bi women need to know about to keep their sexual selves happy? And more! Personal stories (humor encouraged), poetry, artwork, and short examples of resources to keep our playtime exciting, safe and FUN!
Submissions for this issue are due by May 1st.

Submission guidelines can be found at 
You can sign up for a free electronic subscription here as well.

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