BI WOMEN QUARTERLY: Call for writing and artwork

Dearest Bi, Pan, Fluid, Queer, etc. women,

for the Summer 2014 issue of the Bi Women Quarterly:
“Intersection: Age.”

We don’t exist in a vacuum. Age is one of the intersections of identity that shapes how we experience our sexual orientations. Let’s have an intergenerational dialogue. For example, you could write a letter to women who are significantly older or younger than you. What do you want them know about what it’s like to be you? What impact does your age have on how you experience your sexual orientation?

Submissions for the next issue must be received by May 1st. Submission guidelines are here.

We want to hear from you. Essays, poems, artwork and short stories are welcome. Let me know right away if you’re planning on writing &. send submissions. to:


And you can sign up for a free subscription and read the current issue: Spring 2014, “Mental Health” (as well as past issues) at 


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