Would you want someone to step up for you?

Hey folks, please consider getting a free and easy blood test to find out whether you qualify to become a live kidney donor. You could—WOULD—save someone’s life. You could save my friend Candy Feldt’s life because she has been diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease and needs a new kidney to stay alive.
If you were in this situation, would you want someone to step up for you?

Please consider becoming a living donor. You may to donate to a specific person/recipient or be an altruistic or Good Samaritan donor (somewhere willing to donate to a stranger.)

Here’s info:

Candy’s transplant center at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston:http://www.bidmc.org/transplant

What is a living kidney donor?: http://www.livingdonors.org/

Living Kidney Donation: What you need to know:http://www.asts.org/resources/living-kidney-donation-what-you-need-to-know

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