Call for Writing *** Bi Women Quarterly *** Topic: Mental Health

CALL FOR WRITING: The theme for the Spring 2014 issue of the Bi Women Quarterly will be “Mental Health:

”Recent research shows that women who identify as bi* engage in risk behaviors a a higher rate and have poorer health outcomes than do heterosexuals or even – on some indices – lesbians. What’s going on here? What special challenges do bi women face? How do you find a counselor who is bi-affirming? Is it enough to find a counselor who specializes in LGBT issues?  Are support groups helpful?  How do YOU stay healthy? If you are a mental health professional, what do you want us to know? We want to hear from you.

Essays, poems, artwork and short stories are welcome.Submissions for the next issue must be received by February 1st.

If you identify as a bi, pan, fluid or queer (etc.) woman, please consider writing. And please spread the word. Thanks!

Email submissions (& also your intention to write) to:

You can find submission guidelines and also read Bi Women online at .

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