Nothing Can Change The Shape Of Things To Come

Prominent members of the Bisexual Community gather to meet members of the Executive Branch of the US Government for a Public Policy Roundtable covering Items Of Concern to the Community. 23 September 2013 – Washington DC USA

I’ve been to a lot of LGBT leaders meetings. Never have I seen this kind of diversity. For the first time I’m not the only Bisexual Woman of Color in the room. Cis, Genderqueer, Trans*, Elders, Young Adults, White, Black & Asians. Almost half of us are male identified. What’s that? No Male Bisexuals? *psssh* that’s not what I’m seeing! This is how Bisexuals roll. ~‘Grumpee Panda’ from BiUnity of Philadelphia

And we were there! Bisexual People from across the Midwest were active participants in this historic occasion for the LGBTQ Community. *waves excitedly*


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