Call for writing for the Winter issue of Bi Women: “The Bi*/Trans* Connection”

for the Winter 2014 issue of Bi Women
“The Bi*/Trans* Connection”

Because our very existence challenges societal binaries, bi* and trans* folks are often misunderstood and sometimes reviled by both straight and gay communities. Bi* women: do you feel a special personal or political connection to the trans* community? If you identify as both bi* and trans*: are there special challenges or advantages of identifying as both bi* and trans*? And bi* women in relationships with someone trans*: what do you want to tell us?

We want to hear from you. Essays, poems, artwork and short stories are welcome. Let me know right away if you’re planning on writing &. send submissions by Nov. 1 to:

Current and past issues, submission guidelines, free subscriptions etc. at 

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