Bi Women Newsletter: Call for Submissions (The Bi*/Trans* Connection)


Welcome to Bi Women Boston, the home of the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network and Bi Women, a quarterly newsletter produced in Boston for women everywhere.

The theme for the Winter 2014 issue will be “The Bi*/Trans* Connection.” 
Because our very existence challenges societal binaries, bi* and trans* folks are often misunderstood and sometimes reviled by both straight and gay communities. Bi* women: do you feel a special personal or political connection to the trans* community? If you identity as both bi* and trans*: are there special challenges or advantages of identifying as both? And bi* women in relationships with someone trans*: what do you want to tell us? 

Submissions for the next issue must be received by November 1st. Submission guidelines are here.

Bi Women Newsletter: Call for Submissions (The Bi*/Trans* Connection)

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